Ship Brokerage

Large volumes of various commodities are transported every day to different countries, following the needs of global trade and the world economy, but very few people have the knowledge and experience that this task requires. How do you find a ship to carry the cargo you have just sold to an overseas buyer or how do you buy a vessel if you want to be a ship-owner?

ADVANTAGE MARITIME will  act as an intermediary between the two parties engaged in a contract, whether they are Ship-owners and Charterers in the chartering market, or buyers and sellers in the sale and purchase market.

This scenario includes acquiring and bringing the business to potential clients, negotiating the main terms of the contract, finalizing the details and following the contract through to its conclusion and implementation.

  • Representing charterers’ and owners’ protective interests
  • Chartering in dedicated tonnage, matching cargo, dates and trade requirements
  • Managing the Voyage, Time Charter, Contract of Affreightment, Bareboat, and other specialized contracts.
  • Covering fixtures from project cargoes to grain products and steel.
  • Providing offshore support


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