Sale & Purchase

The key to Advantage Maritime’s success is its skill at finding the best prospects.

For buyers, we look for the best option in shipping. For ship owners, we find the best possible purchaser. This matches the way we work: any time, overnight, weekends. We will go anywhere and take best advantage of the tools we find there.

We maintain a widespread network of regional and worldwide and have strong relationships with exclusive owners. Our goal is to create a more cohesive working environment with our clients to find out exactly what they are looking for.

Maritime Consultancy

Advantage Maritime has highly experienced and motivated staff with many years of industry experience.

Our professional maritime consultants have an independent and value-driven approach. We stress innovation, responsiveness to your needs, and unyielding focus on delivery speed.

We use our industry alliances to recommend the best partners and solutions for individual client challenges. We don’t merely make recommendations; we go further by working with senior management to implement ideas into workable plans, and strategize to turn those plans into results.

Maritime Projects Development

We focus solely on creating value for our clients. Solid ports and shipping industry expertise, unbiased advice, innovation, and the delivery of sustainable results are the foundation of every project.

We understand our clients’ industries, their strategic pressures, and their competitors.

Our staff is highly experienced in handling all vessel types, from tankers and containers to dry bulk vessels to offshore support. We draw on our experience, local knowledge, and close relationships with all kinds of shipping players to provide clients with accurate, objective information and effective service.

Handling of Port Facilities

Our staff successfully handled an Oil terminal in Venezuela for 6 years. We have not only good reputation on that but also can provide an excellent job.

Seminars and Practical Training

Our staff successfully managed an oil terminal in Venezuela for six years. Not only have we earned a great reputation, but we provide the superior services to match.

Seminars and Practical Training

We love to teach "Ship Chartering and Maritime Affairs." We enjoy the opportunity to speak to any size audience: from auditoriums to classrooms. We are committed to giving back. Try us! You’ll notice our "Advantage."

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