Dry Cargo Chartering

ADVANTAGE MARITIME specializes in global dry cargo charters. Our company provides services as shipbrokers and charter agents for ship-owners, operators and charterers across the globe.

We transport large volumes of various commodities from country to country every day. With our extensive background and knowledge of the shipping industry, we are able to assist our clients with finding the appropriate ship to carry cargo from point of purchase to its overseas destination.

Our experience is the catalyst that helps to develop solid business possibilities for new ship owners and investors. Our team takes great pride in working diligently with our clients while creating close, long-term relationships.

Whether your company is in the business of agricultural products, fertilizers, cement, limestone, road salt, solar salt, scrap, iron ore, aluminum, metal concentrates, steel, or coal ADVANTAGE MARITIME can accommodate your requirements.

In case you are interested in seeking a vessel to suit your needs or employment for your vessel, ADVANTAGE MARITIME is at your service.

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